Richard Fidler
Richard Fidler
Writer - Broadcaster


Aug 27

Canberra Writers' Festival

  • Canberra Writers' Festival

The Canberra Writers Festival draws out the unique qualities and values of a city with a strong affinity for writing and reading and builds a strong connection to the community.

Canberra has many vibrant and venerable national institutions especially those devoted to ideas and writing and an educated and creative population.

The Festival will bring together local literary, academic, business, media and political communities along with major cultural institutions.

The theme of the Festival is Power, Passion, Politics, reflecting the city's love affair with learning, knowledge and leadership. There’s a mixture of free and ticketed events as well as events for young and old.  


6:30 pm18:30

The Sincerest Form of Flattery (SWF).

  • Sydney Writers' Festival


Sincerest Form of Flattery is a show like no other. Some of the Festival’s most daring guests find themselves standing on the shoulders of giants (and then metaphorically riding those giants on a comedy-rampage, destroying entire villages in their wake). Each guest is tasked with writing and performing a piece in the style of a literary great. Hosted by Ben Jenkins, this event unfolds like a literary covers night, starring Mark Di Stefano, Richard Fidler, Rebecca Shaw and Jeff Sparrow.

3:00 pm15:00

Sydney Writers' Festival (SOLD OUT).

  • Sydney Writers' Festival, Pier 2/3, Hickson Road Walsh Bay, NSW Australia

You’ve heard him on the radio, seen him in the Doug Anthony All Stars, and his Conversations podcast is the most downloaded show in Australia. Now Richard Fidler has published his first book, Ghost Empire, which tells the story of a journey with his son through Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire. Richard brings his empathy and insight to this beautifully written tale of a clash of civilisations and the bonds of a father and son. The consummate interviewer is interviewed by ABC’s Ellen Fanning.